A quiet little blog…to journal my new adventure with cancer (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma).  I received this ‘gift’ on Valentines day, 2013, and will assume it is a loving one from God.

So, here I am, THE most reluctant traveler (ask my family), pointed down an unknown trail.  The path is well worn, many are on it, I am not unique here.  BUT it is new to us. Some have said that journaling can help.  Not sure if I should make this public, but I will write a few ‘postcards’ along the way to friends and family that I am so thankful for.

What I am hoping to find along the way…is how I can change the highway from ‘C’ (for cancer)…to SEE.  What will God show me?  Teach me?  I will be looking for the scenic overlooks, rest stops, and historical markers. (Or as we call them, ‘hysterical markers’!)

For now, I am feeling <sorta> brave. It’s a bit surreal. I’m trusting that the destination for our family will be good. I do have moments of fear that I wrestle with. The unknown always creates anxiety for me.  But God’s Word is FULL of His promises….and so many times He says ‘do not fear’.  So I will draw near….and trust.

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  1. Nina, you might remember that I was on highway “c” two years ago. I’d like to talk to you privately. Please email me or call. I work 8 – 5, M – F, but if you have to leave a message I will get back to you soon 🙂 I’m praying for you, my dear. God ALWAYS has a plan for what He wants accomplished in us or those we touch along the way!

  2. God DOES have awesome things for you to learn! It is hard at times, but so worth it. Keep trusting Him and growing in your faith. These words are not mere platitudes; they are borne out of a 6 year journey with my husband after his being diagnosed with kidney cancer. 6 months after the original diagnosis, multiple metastases were discovered and the docs ( we saw 3 experts) said 3 to 6 months. God had a different plan. The point of my sharing this is not about his survival or even the continuing cancer journey, but rather the journey of faith and growth that has been the outcome. We have had times of amazing faith and moments of doubt and discouragement. But we have felt the love and prayers of hundreds….maybe even thousands from all around the world as they have prayed for us and encouraged us. May God show you Himself in new and vibrant ways as you lean more and more on Him.

  3. Nina,
    You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Mary and Gary. You are truly an inspiring person. Thanks so much for writing this journal. You make everyday problems insignificant. Thank you and we will continue to pray for you.


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