Casting Sunlight!

This small maple tree… caught my eye, and my breath on a recent walk in the nearby park.  The tall oaks around it had dropped their russet leaves, and this little maple who might not have been very noticeable all summer,  had dropped it’s bright yellow shadow among them.  Instead of shade… it was casting the sunlight that it had collected for the past few months.  A puddle of sun.  Its circle of influence wasn’t more than a 30 foot radius.  But it DID shine.  Releasing the glory it had been given.

puddle of leaves_edited-72


It made me head home to find a book among my shelves that was waiting to be read.  “God’s Passion for His Glory”, by John Piper.  It’s on the top of my stack now.



John Piper reprinted the powerful old book by Jonathan Edwards, circa 1765, and includes many notes and a biography of Edwards.  I think it will be a challenging read, but a good one.  We are so complacent to simply skim the surface of life, focusing on such trivial things.  “This is a stunning truth: Namely that God’s passion for His glory is the measure of His commitment to our joy.”   Our focus on HIM only leads to a joyful life.

Book report to follow later!  🙂



3 thoughts on “Casting Sunlight!

  1. Your insight amazes me and inspires me. May I be so moved to read deeper than the surface, and see as well. Your tiny maple certainly has cast wonderful light.
    Your love of God is so deep that I know without asking that you are well.
    loveya, dar

    • Thank you Dar! Yes I am doing well… trying to live ‘fuller’! But I leak like a sieve! Will try more each day. Hope you and your family are doing good?!

  2. I’ve noticed on our recent ventures out that the leaves have given in to the mighty winds we’ve been having. However; the Son continues to shine ~ one simply needs to search for Him.
    ‘love & hugs from afar’

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