This day began with a devotional about releasing loved ones to God. Stop clinging. Let go. Trust.

My family is always ‘heavy on my mind’, and I pray for them to the point of tears as they deal with the harsh stumbling rocks that life throws in their paths.

And I think of Abraham.  How on earth did he have the strength to walk up that mountain?   The love for his son on his mind.  Step after step.

I am NO Abraham, but I need to trust more and let go.  Metaphorically, I need to lay my Isaac down.  My prayers need to change from fretful worry. To trust. To thankfulness. It’s NOT Isaac that He wants on that alter after all …. it’s me, and my self centered concerns. HE wants to be the center of my focus. And my sacrifice is to be one of praise.

It’s no secret that I have felt RESISTANCE this past year about our move. The ‘letting go’ is so needed here too.  I can hold on to the memories, but not so tight as to have my fists clenched. If I continue to grieve over what is in the past, I can’t fully appreciate where I am now.  Release it.  Life moves on.  Perhaps God is saying: “Relax your grip, take MY hand and watch to see what I will do.”  These thoughts were following me all day long.

We wrapped up the evening by watching a movie that I checked out from the library,  “Tree of Life”.  Wow. I had no idea it would tie in to my ‘letting go’ topic of the day. Handing things over to God… choosing the path of grace.  It’s a powerful ‘artsy’ movie that will most likely return often in my thoughts.   We all have conflict inside of us. Yet there is so much more.  If we are aware that, with grace,  we can let it go.