Green Cathedral

So, how many of you remember this song?  We sang it in Jr. High… mid 60’s.

“I know a green cathedral, a shadowed forest shrine,
Where leaves above join hands in love, and arch your prayer with mine.
Within it’s cool depths sacred, a priestly cedar sighs,
And the fir and pine lift hands divine into the pure blue skies.
In my dear green cathedral, there is a flowered seat,
And choir loft in branched croft, where songs of bird hymn sweet.
And I like to dream at evening, when the stars its arches light,
That my Lord and God treads its hallowed sod in the cool, calm peace of night.”

I loved this song back then… and I can’t help but sing it now, as the woods around us grows green and thick. 

One important item on our list as we went house-hunting last summer, was to find a pretty forest. I think we can check that box off, don’t you?

Exodus 3:5  Take off your sandals, for you are standing on Holy ground.

Truly, a green Cathedral. My favorite ‘house’ of Worship.





DSC_3915 sky


And a few of the wildflowers this week.

wildflower collage

As I sit out here on the deck…the clouds from today’s storm are leaving us with a beautiful sunset… three deer are walking down the driveway…the loons are calling down on the lake… the hermit thrush is singing his most wonderful ‘good-night’……..  and my sandals are off. 


7 thoughts on “Green Cathedral

  1. Beautiful!

    I can’t remember if I told you we moved! We now live at 505 Saratoga Street in Kingsford. Same phone number as before. I also retired.


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  2. Don’t recall that song, but it surely fits your surroundings. Sounds like you found the perfect property….just beautiful!

  3. So beautiful, Nina, uplifting and enlightening! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift to touch my heart with nature!

  4. Nina, I so enjoyed our getting together for “secondsies.” At that time you mentioned this song and I’m so glad you found the lyrics. You’re right – its a beautiful song and as you are so talented to do – you found the perfect pics to match. Hope to visit your haven soon – will call you first. I used to sign off with ‘love & hugs from afar’ but am so pleased to now sign with:
    ‘love & hugs from not so far’

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