White Space

In the world of photography, there is a term…’White Space’…that describes a photo that is simple, uncluttered, with empty space around the subject.

It allows for focus… to let the mind settle.

white space

Breathing room!

Don’t we all need that in our lives?  Each day?  The cacophony that surrounds us in this overly busy world needs to be hushed, simplified.

Sometimes I feel like I’m simply paddling on the surface, keeping afloat, with no time to dive deeper. And it makes me edgy.

I thrive on quiet aloneness. I need my white space!

I believe we were created that way… ‘He leads us to quiet spaces, to restore us.’

This morning I went out to catch early light down the most beautiful trail near us.  A forest shrine, my green cathedral. I stayed for a while to soak it up.

And realized that I need this quiet ‘white space’….daily.  I’ve been missing it!





4 thoughts on “White Space

  1. Once again, you have spoken for me and to me. I have been thinking/feeling the same thing lately. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world.

  2. You are right on about needing quite time. Our world is so busy, so noisy. Plus we can not hear the still quite voice of the Lord unless we retreat and be still! Thanks for sharing my friend!

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