Maggie May

I sang parts of this song as I refinished the old buffet:

“Wake up Maggie I think I got something to say to you…

The morning sun when it’s on your face really shows your age,

but that don’t worry me none, in my eyes you’re everything. ” 

She’s old… and she’s been waiting a LONG time to wake up again!  In the shed when we moved into the farm 28 years ago,  I had ‘someday’ plans for her, but you know how it goes with projects…and raising a family… and, and…. well, she continued to wait.

My sister asked me while visiting years ago, “Are you EVER gonna do anything with that?”

“Well… not anytime soon. Do YOU have a vision for it?”

She took it home… and it sat in her shed for a dozen years or so.

Then I reversed the question, “Are YOU ever gonna do anything with it?”

Back home it came to the farm.  Then a few years later, we moved.

Maggie came along, even though we don’t have any outbuildings, which turned into a good thing… forcing me into action. Cleaning, stripping, wood filler in the missing veneer, glue… then paint!  (And many thanks to strong boys for lugging it around.  Heavy piece!)

This new house has just the PERFECT spot for her to become useful again!  The upstairs bathroom has a strange open area, yet NO closet.  She is now holding linens in the guest bathroom.  She was made for such a time as this!  (Maybe I should have called her Esther?)

maggie B4


maggie after


Maggie May has proved to be a lesson in patience.  That transformation/restoration WILL happen in it’s own time.  Twenty-eight years in her case.

Never give up hope.  🙂




Green Cathedral

So, how many of you remember this song?  We sang it in Jr. High… mid 60’s.

“I know a green cathedral, a shadowed forest shrine,
Where leaves above join hands in love, and arch your prayer with mine.
Within it’s cool depths sacred, a priestly cedar sighs,
And the fir and pine lift hands divine into the pure blue skies.
In my dear green cathedral, there is a flowered seat,
And choir loft in branched croft, where songs of bird hymn sweet.
And I like to dream at evening, when the stars its arches light,
That my Lord and God treads its hallowed sod in the cool, calm peace of night.”

I loved this song back then… and I can’t help but sing it now, as the woods around us grows green and thick. 

One important item on our list as we went house-hunting last summer, was to find a pretty forest. I think we can check that box off, don’t you?

Exodus 3:5  Take off your sandals, for you are standing on Holy ground.

Truly, a green Cathedral. My favorite ‘house’ of Worship.





DSC_3915 sky


And a few of the wildflowers this week.

wildflower collage

As I sit out here on the deck…the clouds from today’s storm are leaving us with a beautiful sunset… three deer are walking down the driveway…the loons are calling down on the lake… the hermit thrush is singing his most wonderful ‘good-night’……..  and my sandals are off. 

White Space

In the world of photography, there is a term…’White Space’…that describes a photo that is simple, uncluttered, with empty space around the subject.

It allows for focus… to let the mind settle.

white space

Breathing room!

Don’t we all need that in our lives?  Each day?  The cacophony that surrounds us in this overly busy world needs to be hushed, simplified.

Sometimes I feel like I’m simply paddling on the surface, keeping afloat, with no time to dive deeper. And it makes me edgy.

I thrive on quiet aloneness. I need my white space!

I believe we were created that way… ‘He leads us to quiet spaces, to restore us.’

This morning I went out to catch early light down the most beautiful trail near us.  A forest shrine, my green cathedral. I stayed for a while to soak it up.

And realized that I need this quiet ‘white space’….daily.  I’ve been missing it!