© lake sepia


This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to join with a birding group, led by an Ornithologist,…down by the sparkles in the  lake that we now live near.(Which happens to be called Fortune Lake!)

What a treat it was to share space in the woods with the migrating species of many birds.  Even our guide was excited, saying to see this many at one time was unusual, and that the trees were simply ‘twinkling with birds!’  They really were!   Here for just a few short weeks on their way to Canada, just long enough to share their song with us.  The warblers stole the show.

© BW song DSC_3729


© cape may DSC_3700


© Myrtle

Just like some people in our lives that add color and song… they are here for a short while before moving on,  yet leave an imprint on our hearts.

We are all migrating. Our orientation on something, someONE greater as we pass through.

So we fly on….

feeling drawn nearer….

following our True north.