Happy Spring… ???



Just a quick pop in today…. to say Happy Spring to everyone.

Winter is holding us hostage up here in the north…snow falling quietly, as if trying to sneak in on this  first Spring day?

The sun did pop out for about 5 minutes, so I quickly grabbed my macro, and caught a few details on the porch rail. They are awfully fascinating, even though we are ready to be done with them.   Time to hike in the woods… without sinking in.  I DID veer off the road one day recently and was buried up to my hips!  Could hardly move, and thought I might be stuck there until the thaw!  That will teach me to be patient, and wait to check what I thought was some chaga on a birch tree!   (It was quite funny, after I got back home safe!)


2 thoughts on “Happy Spring… ???

  1. what an incredible photo!! God bless you, Nina, and thank you for sharing. It doesn’t look like spring at my house; maybe by this time in April!!

  2. I am picturing you buried hip deep in snow…like when we were little kids, hey? After Sunday’s snow, today feels like spring with March winds and birds twittering! Maybe, just maybe, spring is here and will work its way up by you! Can’t wait to see your spring fotos!

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