Paint! I need more paint!

This cold COLD winter on top of our move, and my dominant melancholy personality has taken me on a ‘blue’ journey.  I try my best to keep it inside, this storm. I try to focus on:

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely… worthy of praise…dwell on these things.”  Philippians 4:8

My sister once told me, “It seems the best way to get you out of the doldrums is to slap a paintbrush in your hand!”  I think she was right. 

I wish I was a painter of canvases, but it is simply rooms and furniture.  So, I started painting more this week.  Just some basement window trim, and then some shelves up in the loft.  It really does help my mood!

 Not sure what it is?          Transformation.         Yes…. that’s it.


This song from a while ago..(yes… a WHILE!  I have the vinyl LP!)…has been playing in my head as I dip my brush into the paint can.  You can listen to it here if you aren’t familiar with it.

Paint my life with Your Charity,

Paint my life with Your Mercy,

Paint my life with Your Humility,

And I’ll share in Your Glory, Jesus,

Paint my life. 

Color Your brush with Your Kindness,

Color Your brush with Your Meekness,

Color Your brush with Your Gentleness,

Color Your brush with Your Forgiveness, Jesus…

Paint my life.

(portion from ‘Paint My Life’, By John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot)

So the question is:  will this stubborn canvas of my life resist the touch of the Master Painter?  Or will I surrender daily to what His never ending palette might hold for me?  After all, He does KNOW which colors best blend with blue!  


4 thoughts on “Paint! I need more paint!

  1. I should be grabbing some paint myself – and this winter is turning a lot us ‘blue.’ Although the sparkles across the snow is beautiful, I’m looking forward to mud! Keep on painting my friend and if we ever get above freezing we will have to get together for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Anything to take our minds off ourselves and this deep freeze we’re enduring.
    ‘love & hugs from not so far away’

  2. I do hope you are planning to compile your Journey notes/photos into a volume. They are beautiful, thoughtful, relatable….the ripples of your honest journey could help so many. You have been given a gift to make it visual. The Lord never wastes our moments, especially when the walk is hard. Love to you, cuz……..

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