Castles in the Air

Gorgeous day in the Northwoods, before the next storm comes crashing down tomorrow.  Windows wide open… and loving it!

We took advantage of the dry roads and headed over to Eagle River, WI to check out a few things.  As a bonus, we ran across their Ice Castle built with this winter’s  generous supply of the cold stuff. (Pretty cool, hey?– literally!)

ice castle

I remembered this Thoreau quote that I liked, and decided I ‘needed’ to combine the words and a couple of photos, just for fun.


Then that started me thinking about dreams, and a blog author that I follow, Holly Gerth.  One of her recent books is titled ‘You’re Made for a God Sized Dream’.

You can read excerpts from it here, (by clicking on the book in the link), and check out her blog here.

A ‘God Sized Dream’?  Sounds like something really huge and fantastic, filling me with fear and insecurity…. too big for me to ever aspire to.  But that isn’t necessarily true.  It’s not the size of the dream.  It’s more about what we were created to do!  It all matters. Big or small.

Today on our ride, I recalled with my husband some of the things in our past that were awesomely realized!  And how some of it is revealed ALONG THE JOURNEY…  not always dropped in your lap.

Here’s a ‘note from Holly’ about God-sized Dreams:

holly note

“If not for Grace…”   What powerful words.  OF COURSE I can’t do this thing called ‘life’ on my own!  As I face health scares, and getting older, it seems that any dreams I might have had are past the expiration date.  BUT perhaps there is something yet to be revealed…

…along the journey.


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