We’ve Landed!

It’s been about six weeks now…. since we’ve crossed over the border of Wisconsin, into upper Michigan to call a new house ‘home’.  What a transition.  My old stubborn brain had a tough time at first… but it is improving.  Just spent too much time at the old farm, so how do you leave after that many years?  Honestly, it felt like we were dropping a kid off at college, and driving away.  Rip.

But we are putting ‘our stamp’ on this place, and gradually we will fit in.  This week we finally got an internet service up and running!  Yea!  (Yes, we are at the edge of no where, but that’s what we chose.)  I call it Hermit Hill.  And a steep hill it is!  You can only visit if you have 4-wheel drive. (Or, we will shuttle you up!)

We are at the stage now of unpacking and organizing the basement boxes… which I am wondering about. WHY did I pack all of this??  Here is a bit of my late night ponderings. No it’s not a misspelling… I do try to “keep the peace” too, but this is about pieces.

Keeping the Piece

Crammed into so many boxes,

  these million fragments

  that make up my reflection.

Juxtaposed now against new surroundings.

     We don’t quite fit.

These nesting treasures, gathered for years

                      and tucked away.

WHY did I pack it all… carry it with me?

Thinking I could transplant? 

           When actually we are cuttings. 

no. roots. yet.

It will take time. 

Some slices will thrive, some will wither

to memory only. 

Yet I remain… the Keeper of it all.

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12 thoughts on “We’ve Landed!

  1. Oh Nina, I for one am so excited that you moved within a few miles from me! Once again I love your poetry and can relate. After 8 years I still have boxes of “why did I move that” items. But it hasn’t stopped me from adding more on my treasure hunts. Can’t wait to get together soon.
    ‘love & hugs from ‘not to far’ away’

  2. oops, I spelled “to” wrong it should have said ‘love & hugs from ‘not too far’ away’
    my excuse is that it’s 1:15 a.m. What am I still doing up? Goodnight 🙂

  3. This looks perfectly like you!!!….and now we get to have tea together….just tell me when! On a side note, I me twith the editor for Pop’s book so I have some news!

  4. Ohhhh, Nina! I’m feeling it! Your post title has been appropriate from the beginning and it continues to be now. Are you writing a book? I don’t mean that sarcastically. I think most of us could if we took the time to record our own journeys. But, I ask because you are SO stinkin’ talented, in SO many ways! Two of your talents that I’m thinking of now is with your photography and the amazing way that you are able express what’s going on around you!

    You have been on, what I see, as a seemingly ‘constant’ journey with ‘New’ popping in every so often; and then you post these little snippets of your amazing, DAILY adventures! You can see things that most of us would never notice, and then turn, whatever that might be, into something amazing! If you’re going thru a trial or a triumph, we can feel it like we’re going thru it ourselves. If you see a rock, you’ll show us the beauty in it! Give Nina a cup of coffee, and a camera and guess what … we can smell the coffee! If you go for a walk, you can find that little drop of dew on a weed that’s growing out of the ground and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!

    I’m always looking forward to your next post and your amazing photography!! You always leave me a little hungry, wanting to know more … forcing my imagination to try to see, feel and hear the things that you are! That’s exactly what good authors do and that’s why I asked. I’m thinking that you were crazy inquisitive as a child, and still are.

    Your talents, even a portion of them, are something that I’m just a little envious of. Oh, I know that we all have our own talents that God has blessed us with, and it’s not that I’m NOT happy with what He gave me; but, I sure would like to have a little more of the ‘eye, ear and talent’ that He gave you! Maybe I just need time to ‘develop’ what I’ve got. Oh dear, I think I’m on the verge of complaining and better keep my mouth shut! lol

    Anyway, may God bless your New Journey! It appears that you have an absolutely beautiful new homestead and I look forward to hearing and seeing more J

    I pray for God’s peace, strength and joy and whatever else you may need; and that you glean on the beautiful memories of the old homestead and create many more new ones!


    • Well, Johanna…. I don’t know how to reply to your kindness?!! I’m happy that others can enjoy my observations. (Even though I don’t feel they are as good as you say!) So, Thank you!! I just have words that float in my head… and need to find a pencil now and then.

      My area of envy is in the music realm. When I listen to piano or guitar beauty…. I just cringe inside wishing I would have spent time learning when younger. I always feel a loss. But I try to respond by thinking, I’m happy to enjoy THEIR talent.
      So much to do… in only one lifetime. How can anyone say they are bored?

      As a child… I was out in the little woods behind our subdivision… barefoot and soaking it all in.

  5. How beautiful, the poem and the picture.  Moving is unsettling to say the least, but as time passes you will wonder why you waited.  It must be nice for Kevin to get up each day and say “hope they are having fun at work without me”.  The hard part is keeping from filling all the extra spaces.  We love to go garage sale shopping and it all fills up again.  Need to learn if you bring one thing in you must put one thing out!  Enjoy, nothing like cold winter days to go thru boxes, so when it is nice you can be out and about.  Hugs, Bonnie


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