We’ve Landed!

It’s been about six weeks now…. since we’ve crossed over the border of Wisconsin, into upper Michigan to call a new house ‘home’.  What a transition.  My old stubborn brain had a tough time at first… but it is improving.  Just spent too much time at the old farm, so how do you leave after that many years?  Honestly, it felt like we were dropping a kid off at college, and driving away.  Rip.

But we are putting ‘our stamp’ on this place, and gradually we will fit in.  This week we finally got an internet service up and running!  Yea!  (Yes, we are at the edge of no where, but that’s what we chose.)  I call it Hermit Hill.  And a steep hill it is!  You can only visit if you have 4-wheel drive. (Or, we will shuttle you up!)

We are at the stage now of unpacking and organizing the basement boxes… which I am wondering about. WHY did I pack all of this??  Here is a bit of my late night ponderings. No it’s not a misspelling… I do try to “keep the peace” too, but this is about pieces.

Keeping the Piece

Crammed into so many boxes,

  these million fragments

  that make up my reflection.

Juxtaposed now against new surroundings.

     We don’t quite fit.

These nesting treasures, gathered for years

                      and tucked away.

WHY did I pack it all… carry it with me?

Thinking I could transplant? 

           When actually we are cuttings. 

no. roots. yet.

It will take time. 

Some slices will thrive, some will wither

to memory only. 

Yet I remain… the Keeper of it all.

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