Perhaps an interesting exercise might be to create a table of contents for the front page of ‘Your Book’. How would each stage of life be summarized? I’m not one for quick answers… this would make me think for a long while!

What would the current chapter be titled? For that I might have to choose  ‘Twilight Zone’!  This year has been a bit surreal.  Starting out with a cancer diagnosis, then our farm finding new owners, and a confusing hunt for a new place to land.  (We might have found one… fill you in on that topic when it happens!)  What about you?  How would you title your current chapter?

These thoughts about life stages have been popping into my mind as I pack up the house.  I’ve realized that I am trying to ‘pack up my past’ and take it with me!  TOO big of a load. Too wordy! I need to keep trimming it down.  Just like a book, life has chapters that build on each other… but you need to keep on turning pages, keep on reading.

We can try to write an outline of the future pages as well… things we might like to include in our story.  BUT, as we all know… life happens while we make other plans.  Ultimately, we don’t control it.  Just try to live it as best we can.  I’m still learning.


(YES!  I really did find ‘Nina’s Book’…at a rummage sale!)

I was playing a CD this morning…. and this song had me singing along.  I especially like those last few lines.

You Are Glorious
            By:     Gary Sadler and Steven T. Taylor

Over the powers of darkness, over the prince of the air,

above the kingdoms of evil, Jesus reigns.

Over the rulers of nations, over the heavenly hosts,

above the armies of angels, Jesus reigns.

   O Lord, You are glorious,

      victorious, King on high.

   O Lord, You are glorious,

      victorious in my life.

Over my trials and temptations, over my guilt and my shame,

above my earthy confusion, Jesus reigns.

Over my past and my future, over my doubts and my fears,

far above, yet within it all, Jesus reigns.

<link to music>


5 thoughts on “Chapters

  1. Ah this made me cry, this is one of your best writings.

    The past few years my tablet is empty. NO book to write
    We can’t pack the past but we can have it in our memories.
    On the other hand i saw a great bumper sticker today and it said “Don’t believe everything your mind tells you,” is that not us in a tiny bit of a nut shell.

    Anyhow pretty heavy stuff you are going through, i asked Heather if she heard where you were going to buy and were very excited if it were closer to Poops, sorry Popps but i assured her where ever it is Nina will rap her arms around a new beginning and breath life into a new home.
    By the way the baby is gorgeous didn’t know they were expecting
    Love Nut Shell

  2. I hope you still plan to find a place a bit closer to where we live 🙂 Wishing you a smooth transition wherever you land. Find comfort in knowing that although we don’t know what comes next – The Lord already has it under His control,
    “love & hugs from afar’

  3. Hey Nina! Thinking about you so much this week. Just celebrated my mom’s 99th birthday………….never ever did she think she would be around that long. She figured she would be blessed to be 97. Interesting because she had accepted her mom’s life span to be her own………She was so alert for her birthday!!! A gift to me for my birthday though it was only the two of us………perhaps it was destined to be that way. The chapter I am in now……………”Transitions”…..kind of think perhaps we may be on the same page for different reasons!!!! It’s time for tea whenever you are ready. I start teaching my Path class today on Thursday from now through December…..Take care dearest Nina!!!!

  4. You have been on my mind lately so it was wonderful seeing a new post from you! Very inspirational! Thank you for that boost!! Love and miss you!

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