Perhaps an interesting exercise might be to create a table of contents for the front page of ‘Your Book’. How would each stage of life be summarized? I’m not one for quick answers… this would make me think for a long while!

What would the current chapter be titled? For that I might have to choose  ‘Twilight Zone’!  This year has been a bit surreal.  Starting out with a cancer diagnosis, then our farm finding new owners, and a confusing hunt for a new place to land.  (We might have found one… fill you in on that topic when it happens!)  What about you?  How would you title your current chapter?

These thoughts about life stages have been popping into my mind as I pack up the house.  I’ve realized that I am trying to ‘pack up my past’ and take it with me!  TOO big of a load. Too wordy! I need to keep trimming it down.  Just like a book, life has chapters that build on each other… but you need to keep on turning pages, keep on reading.

We can try to write an outline of the future pages as well… things we might like to include in our story.  BUT, as we all know… life happens while we make other plans.  Ultimately, we don’t control it.  Just try to live it as best we can.  I’m still learning.


(YES!  I really did find ‘Nina’s Book’…at a rummage sale!)

I was playing a CD this morning…. and this song had me singing along.  I especially like those last few lines.

You Are Glorious
            By:     Gary Sadler and Steven T. Taylor

Over the powers of darkness, over the prince of the air,

above the kingdoms of evil, Jesus reigns.

Over the rulers of nations, over the heavenly hosts,

above the armies of angels, Jesus reigns.

   O Lord, You are glorious,

      victorious, King on high.

   O Lord, You are glorious,

      victorious in my life.

Over my trials and temptations, over my guilt and my shame,

above my earthy confusion, Jesus reigns.

Over my past and my future, over my doubts and my fears,

far above, yet within it all, Jesus reigns.

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I REALLY wanna be a Turtle!

While out on a house-hunting trek, we came across this big snapper guy, crossing the road to the water on the other side.

web turtle


And he got me thinking about how lucky he was!   He carries ALL he needs right on his back!  No fluff. No extras.  Just head on over to the new spot.

I am in the midst of packing for our move in a month. Sorting. Culling. Deciding. Almost 30 years of collected stuff has me wondering WHY I kept all of this?  (Simply because when you are ‘settled’ and have the space… you do that!)  It’s almost comical… I pack a box, and go through it again the next day to toss out MORE.  Is it really worth moving?  I think the people at St. Vin’s are getting tired of me and my bags full.  But the stuff still has ‘life’.  I can’t just toss it out.  I’m hoping someone adopts it all and puts it to use.

I am also realizing that my ‘intentions’ are showing.  Things planned… but never materialized.  It’s a sad sort of thing.  A few make me laugh though. Like my ‘Learning to Play the Drums’ book???? Yes.. I did (do) have that desire.  But I guess I’ll pass that one on to the grands now. Perhaps some of my dreams can be realized by my descendants.  That’s fun to watch too.

But when it comes right down to knowing the Truth, it’s what we store in heaven that counts.  And for THAT move… there will be NO packing!  🙂

Treasures in Heaven

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.    (Matthew 6).

Please, Let my words and actions reflect only that……with God’s help.