Make a Splash!

This week was another infusion week… and it just feels like I hit a wall each time. But I expect today to be a better one.

When I am forced into ‘being still’, sometimes I can recognize God’s plan for a quiet time of reflection.  Yesterday my mind was flipping between negative and positive thoughts, until I finally decided the choice was mine which to focus on!  I tried to fill most of the day with thanksgiving for the good people in my life, (that’s YOU reading this!)  And praise for God’s grace and peace.

Our neighborhood Bible study group met on Tuesday to pass out the new books which we will start next week. A study of Philippians…’Discovering the Joy of Jesus’.  I am so looking forward to this!  A glance through the first lesson touches on Paul’s JOY and gratitude toward the people around him that were sharing God’s truth. Even though he was in prison,  he was still having an good impact on others.

“We do not come in contact with a single person without leaving some influence on their life. Every word we speak and everything we do leaves a mark, good or bad. We need to consider what effect our lives have on those who see and know us.”   — (from the Stonecroft Bible Study)

As we swing into each new day… what sort of SPLASH will we make??  Has me thinking……

©-lake swing


4 thoughts on “Make a Splash!

  1. Going to take it with me throughout the day that we have the ultimate decision of how we are for today. Can you imagine being in prison and singing our praises to God? I love the image and the dedication. Thanks Nina for again reminding me of what is worthy. love you

  2. Hi my Cousin,
    I laid awake thinking of you this morning.. reminded me of a prayer I shared with your aunt Ginny.

    Did you think of me this morning as you breathed a word of prayer.
    Did you ask for strength to help me, all my heavy burdens bear.
    Did you speak of faith and courage for the trials I must meet.
    Did you ask that God may help me as you bowed before his feet.

    Someone prayed and strength was given for the long and weary road.
    Someone prayed and strength grew stronger as I bent beneath the load.
    Someone prayed the way grew brighter as I walked unafraid in my heart a of gladness. Tell me was it you who prayed?

    love you,

    Cuz Cali Renee

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