And the winner is……

First of all….THANK YOU for all of your sharing, and very kind comments.  I love the interaction, and reading your favorite verses.

Today I had my high tech scientific drawing!  Eleven month old Levi was visiting, so I jumbled all of your names in a bowl… and asked him to pick one out for grammy.   Drumroll…. cheers, applause… the winner is…


Cheryl T!   (Cher Shots)

So, Cheryl.. I’ll drop you an e-mail… and we’ll talk about what photo you might like.  Custom ideas are wonderful…. I want it to be special just for you.

This was fun… Let’s do it again soon, ok?  🙂

Thanks again to all of you wonderful friends.


6 thoughts on “And the winner is……

    • Actually…. we have SIX adorable grandsons, another on the way… and one beautiful granddaughter! (no, this grammy isn’t biased in any way!)

  1. Who me? I’m a winner after all … no matter what some people say ~ LOL
    Thank you Levi and Grandma Nina for picking me. I’ll email you back.
    ‘love & hugs from afar’

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