No one is Youer than You!

Came across this great quote by Dr. Seuss today…. (doncha just love his work?!):

Today you are You,

that is truer than true.

There is no one alive

who is Youer than You!

Good words!  Gooder mental state! (If he can say Youer, I can say gooder!)

Why do I always compare myself with others, and feel like I come up short? (ok, I AM only  5’1″).  Each of us is unique, with our own set of characteristics.  God given gifts. Created one of a kind.

I want to live true to myself…  which does not mean that I always have a choice over circumstances, but I DO have a choice on how to respond to them.  With acceptance. With grace. With thanksgiving.

What virtues mean the most to me?  Honesty. Commitment. Contentment….

What are yours????

(here’s a little photo I worked on for my son, whose family loves biking… a bit of the ‘back 40’ just for fun.)

©aaron bike


9 thoughts on “No one is Youer than You!

  1. An after thought: When I find a struggle creeping into my mind, I sometimes recall this song from the 80’s and sing it loud!
    (anyone else know it?)

    Goliath, you are mighty, but you cannot win this war
    For the one who stands before you is standing in the Lord
    The power and the glory are mine in Yahweh’s name
    So Goliath, in this hour, you’ll be the next giant slain.
    ~Scott Wesley Brown

  2. Hi,
    Appreciating your posts. Been sick, drs., tests, etc. Yesterday I felt 99%!

    How are you feeling these days? Still tired?

    Read a post but wasn’t able to copy it. Still going to try. It was thought provoking.

    Our B and B emptied Tuesday, filling up again Wednesday for a week. Students arriving these days as well.

    How is house selling coming? There is some grieving to do in this transition. It gives my heart contentment, I am learning, that God understands and wants to grace me through that.

    Love u. Me

    The Salt & Light Co.

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