Rainbow sunrise

The other day, I went out to capture a few gorgeous clouds in the early morning…. and I found this rainbow in the back field… with the rising sun just touching the grass.

A gift.

©rainbow sunrise

I know I’ve been a bit on the quiet side lately.  It’s been busy.  Cleaning, sorting, for a possible move.  Emotional too.  Twenty eight years in one spot tends to grow some deep roots.  (Although it’s not a done deal… yet.)

Finding the next landing spot is proving to be a real puzzle.  But… this is all temporary anyway!

I really need to keep my focus on what matters.  And that should not be on the things of this world.

Yes, God has given us many gifts to enjoy here… but treasures?  That is in heaven.

So hard, isn’t it?  Let me know how any of you get a grip on this dichotomy. Living on earth, with our minds on heaven?  Just feels like I’m a foreigner here. Oh!  I think I just answered my own question!  I should live like a tourist… see the highlights (take pictures along the way!)…enjoy the visit… yet always long to head home!??

Share your thoughts…..


3 thoughts on “Rainbow sunrise

  1. Nina, you are a gift! Your picture is so beautiful and such a reminder that someday we will all be together in our final home. My take on this world is to discover God’s
    intention for me while I am here. I have thought a great deal about that and I have come up with “Servant to the Lord and Servant to those He has put around me”.
    It is my hope and prayer that those who experience loving service will strive to serve, also! The love and good we extend to our families, friends, churches and communities will spill out and flow through many lives.
    Thank you, Nina and God bless! Chris

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