Every Morning….

… is NEW!

“Yet this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope:

Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.

They are new every morning; GREAT is your faithfulness.

I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion,  therefore I will wait for him.”

                                           Lamentations 3:21-24

An early morning walk gifted me a field of Jewelweed (aka: touch-me-nots).                                   A grasshopper enjoyed it as well, holding on to the first dew.

©jewelweed collage

A new morning. A new beginning. A reminder that time moves forward, no matter how hard we dig in our heels.

It looks like our farm of 28 years has sold, and we will be frantically looking for our next landing spot.  The house we had our eyes on, sold last week. Must not have been the right one for us.  “I will wait for Him”…  and I hope we will recognize His lead.

The hardest part is sorting/tossing/deciding as I peel through layers of years.  Like an onion, it sometimes makes me cry.

BUT I really LOVE onions… on everything!   ( Non sequitur!!!)  Just being positive…. always a good side to things.  And we look forward to the next phase of life, wherever that may be.


And the winner is……

First of all….THANK YOU for all of your sharing, and very kind comments.  I love the interaction, and reading your favorite verses.

Today I had my high tech scientific drawing!  Eleven month old Levi was visiting, so I jumbled all of your names in a bowl… and asked him to pick one out for grammy.   Drumroll…. cheers, applause… the winner is…


Cheryl T!   (Cher Shots)

So, Cheryl.. I’ll drop you an e-mail… and we’ll talk about what photo you might like.  Custom ideas are wonderful…. I want it to be special just for you.

This was fun… Let’s do it again soon, ok?  🙂

Thanks again to all of you wonderful friends.

How ’bout a Giveaway?!!

Do blogs have birthdays?  Next weekend will be the 6 month mark of the birth of this space, and we need to celebrate my NOT deleting it!  (I’ve deleted at least 3 other blogs in the past. I’m known for that!)

Just thinking of a little fun here!  If you simply pop in and say ‘hi’ on this post…. you will be entered into a little giveaway. The winner may choose any of my images, either one you’ve seen here, or on my website… www.back40fotos.com  … OR a custom one where you pick the photo and the verse/quote.  I’ll print it as an 11×14, ready for you to pop into a standard size frame.

AND, while you are here…. please share with all of us YOUR favorite verse.  I have many that I call favorites. It depends on my state of mind at the time.

Below is one of them that is on my list…. and a favorite also of  a new bride to be.  Her friends wanted to special order it on a local waterfall photo,  SO…. I went hiking this past week! (Don’t need to twist my arm for that.)

Join in please!  I’ll pick a random name from comments below —next Saturday, the 24th.

©waterfall Psalm2


How many of you were outside over the weekend with me… with necks craned up to the sky?  Watching for little zips of light?

The Perseids meteor shower.  What a beautiful night!  I sat on the balcony for an hour or so, as long as my neck would tolerate. I did see about 7 shooting stars, and caught a few on the camera.  (Click on the picture to enlarge it, and look closely in the upper right.)


How can you not reflect on the wonder of nature. The wonder of God.  The wonder of LIGHT.

His first recorded words in the Bible were,  “Let there be light.”  (Gen. 1:3)  Four little words you can wrap your heart around, and make into a prayer.

In this dark world — Let there be light.

In this confusing situation — Let there be light.

In this diagnosis — Let there be light.

Where there is a hardened heart — Let there be light!

No one is Youer than You!

Came across this great quote by Dr. Seuss today…. (doncha just love his work?!):

Today you are You,

that is truer than true.

There is no one alive

who is Youer than You!

Good words!  Gooder mental state! (If he can say Youer, I can say gooder!)

Why do I always compare myself with others, and feel like I come up short? (ok, I AM only  5’1″).  Each of us is unique, with our own set of characteristics.  God given gifts. Created one of a kind.

I want to live true to myself…  which does not mean that I always have a choice over circumstances, but I DO have a choice on how to respond to them.  With acceptance. With grace. With thanksgiving.

What virtues mean the most to me?  Honesty. Commitment. Contentment….

What are yours????

(here’s a little photo I worked on for my son, whose family loves biking… a bit of the ‘back 40’ just for fun.)

©aaron bike

Ladle Legacy


I reach into the drawer to pull out the ladle needed for supper.  Pause. Tears well up.

I am reminded of the brevity of life. This belonged to my mom. I grew up with this ladle.  Memories are served up.

Not to sound morose, but just facing reality,  I won’t be here forever either.  We are all  one single breath from eternity.  Accidents happen. Hearts fail. Cancer intrudes.

One catalyst for this sort of thinking is my recent sorting through  years of  ‘projects waiting’ as I prepare for this maybe move. I am realizing that I won’t be getting to them after all.   It feels like the death of little dreams.  A sadness.  But it’s time to clear them out.  Not exactly a bucket list of things, but maybe a ladle list.

And I wonder…. what will I be remembered for anyway?  The things that I’ve created? Or will it simply be that I was faithful?  Faithful to God….. to my husband… and my family.

I pray that I can focus more on being a faithful servant, in my quiet way. A bit like that humble ladle.

Rainbow sunrise

The other day, I went out to capture a few gorgeous clouds in the early morning…. and I found this rainbow in the back field… with the rising sun just touching the grass.

A gift.

©rainbow sunrise

I know I’ve been a bit on the quiet side lately.  It’s been busy.  Cleaning, sorting, for a possible move.  Emotional too.  Twenty eight years in one spot tends to grow some deep roots.  (Although it’s not a done deal… yet.)

Finding the next landing spot is proving to be a real puzzle.  But… this is all temporary anyway!

I really need to keep my focus on what matters.  And that should not be on the things of this world.

Yes, God has given us many gifts to enjoy here… but treasures?  That is in heaven.

So hard, isn’t it?  Let me know how any of you get a grip on this dichotomy. Living on earth, with our minds on heaven?  Just feels like I’m a foreigner here. Oh!  I think I just answered my own question!  I should live like a tourist… see the highlights (take pictures along the way!)…enjoy the visit… yet always long to head home!??

Share your thoughts…..