Serpent in the Garden

The 48  hour delayed fatigue from Monday’s treatment hit me HARD yesterday.  Have you ever been so tired that you felt like crying…but even that seemed to take too much energy?  That was my day. And the worst part of it was that it was a wonderfully COOL day and I could have gotten so much done. And when you feel overtired, negative thoughts creep in and loom large.

But today is better, and I did get out to weed a few areas in the flower gardens. My cat ‘Willow’ was with me.  She’s looks like a princess, but I do believe in her own mind she is a mountain lion!

©72 cats are poetry

She started stalking something under the lilac bush. So I had to check it out, to make sure it wasn’t a fledgling bird. Nope. She was creeping up on a 4′ pine snake! As I approached, she started to bat at it as it slithered away.  I scooped her up saying, “Don’t you be paying attention to those snakes!”  In the house she went.  I went back out and looked him in the eye, and told him to just move on OUT of here. He did. And I finished weeding.

I wish I was so tough on my thoughts.  Those negative things that slither in unannounced.  Unwelcome. They have to be from the enemy. All lies.  “DON’T you be paying them any attention!”

If we can capture our thoughts, and turn them around… peace returns.

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable– if anything is excellent or praiseworthy– think on such things. And the God of peace will be with you.”  Philippians 4:8-9

And remember…. that when there are raindrops in your life…. they can become tomorrow’s flowers.



6 thoughts on “Serpent in the Garden

  1. Keep those slithering negative thoughts at bay ~ just look into your ‘mountain lions’ eyes and find the poetry. Stay positive that all is under God’s control.
    ‘love & hugs from afar’

  2. Dear Nina,

    This was beautiful, but so sorry you had a tough day! When will you know if the tumor is shrinking?

    I love your cat, and the spiritual story you put together with the happenings of the day! What a great writer you are, Nina! You could write and illustrate a devotional with your outstanding photography! You are just so talented in many ways! I still wish we lived closer to each other, with our corresponding interests!

    Praying for you with love, Lois

    • Thanks so much Lois…you are such an encourager!
      Tumors ARE shrinking. I just need the maintenance dose to keep them that way… and the medicine knocks me out for a bit. But…. it’s all good. Really!

  3. Nina, I love your blogs! The cat pic is beautiful and tells about her personality! I find myself saying: :” Be gone, satan, in the name of Jesus”. These days it seems like satan is really brazen with all of his victories mounting in this country. To send him back to where he belongs we need to hold up that crucifix and confront his evil with the purest of holy sacrifice. We are being tested and the satan followers are enjoying
    every inch of ground that they gain. There will always be good and evil, peace and war, those who know about heaven and strive to get there and those who deny Jesus and seek their heaven on earth. I pray for the strength and grace to do everything that I can. God bless, Chris

  4. Nina, you have such a unique perspective…healthy or not so healthy…all of us can learn a lesson from your never-ending praise of our Father and his gifts. Thank you for always making my day better!

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