Dirt! Seeds! Action! (and OW!)

It’s finally Spring! Time to flex our flabby winter muscles out in the yard and garden… everyone who HURTS, tap your keyboard! (tap, tap, TAP!)  But it’s a good sort of hurt with dirt. And I AM thankful that I can be out there digging! (Even if it is at a slower pace than before.)  The greenhouses are busy, and I was one of many picking out some color to fill in some pots and bare spots… because living in the Northwoods means you really need some blossoms BEFORE it snows again.

Oh my…. a bit of this, and YES, that one too!  Slow down there, pilgrim. I have to remind myself to keep it real, keep it simple. Choose wisely.  And only what I can manage.  OK.  But it sure is fun to wander around and soak it all it! So that is what I did.


And then there is the seed part of gardening. First when those beautiful catalogs arrive in February, then when the order arrives, and again when you hold in your hand those tiny miracles. I never lose the wonder of it!

One plants, one waters, but ONLY GOD can make it grow!

  So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God,

who makes things grow.

1 Corinthians 3:7


Isn’t it just amazing?  Poke it into the dirt… water….and wait….for new life.

Some days I struggle so much with my ‘reason’ for being here.  Feeling lost, without direction. I need to remember I’m simply a humble bean seed.  A “Human Bean”! I’m not complete yet. I need to absorb and share HIS love, and give Him my praise … as I wait, and learn:

 Obstacles can create unexpected growth and opportunities.

Uncertainty does not have to rule my life.

I can find strength in weakness.

Adversity is inevitable.

And happiness is a choice.

The Ultimate Gardener 

A handful of seeds

He scattered on earth

And He patted the ground

With love and anticipation.

He sent His Sonshine…to warm them,

Left His Spirit…to feed them.

And He waits

As the seeds absorb and swell

Preparing to blossom in His presence.

Spring planting….a brief time.

The seed dies

And is transformed

To begin


~~©nina graff  (1994)

…what you sow does not come to life unless it dies.

                                       I Cor. 15:36



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