Found it!!

Highway C that is!

This past week, with a couple of   “camera buddies”, we traveled along County Highway C on our way to a waterfall hike.  They agreed that I needed to stop and snap a photo of the sign. highwayC

 I like how it is the CENTER road…. STRAIGHT ahead!

 Right between U ‘uh-uh’, and N ‘nope’.

“Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight ahead of you.” Proverbs 4:25

We call our camera/writing group FOCUS.  A word so fitting far beyond a lens or a pen! We discussed a recent article by Dewitt Jones, a photographer who celebrates what is right in the world (read it here).  He talks on the surface about photo gear, being content with what we have. Understanding sufficiency, and not feeling like we are missing out on anything. Let those words settle deeper.  Being content. Centered. Focused. Good stuff!

We found our destination much easier than the last excursion. There was a mile walk through the woods, up and down hills that we felt for a few days. It was so nice to witness the forest yawning and stretching and waking up, after this loooong winter! The singing birds agreed.


The Pine River was roaring as we climbed around and over rocks with our tripods for different vantage points. How many times do we need to look at things from a different angle to see it better?  To step back?  See the bigger picture? What is God’s view of a situation?

DSC_0258 friends rock 2

Kay, Nina (me-FOCUSED on a snack!), Kathy

So with cancer on the back burner for now (simmering, not boiling), I leave you with a few new ‘C’ words….

Be Centered. Be Content. Celebrate what is right in the world.

(my photo website can be seen here:  Back40fotos)


5 thoughts on “Found it!!

  1. What glorious pictures! Nature waking up and saying “gloria”! Your snapshot of Focus friends was great too, along with the story for your day. You mentioned contentment in your writing…one of my favorite words. “Content” holds so much promise on so many levels………and good for the back burner too! Back to contentment. Your pictures give me a sense of content. Thank you.

  2. Hi my cuz what a beautiful excursion with you beautiful camera friends, you are so fortunate to have made a great bound to explore you ventures. You also look great.
    love rochelle

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