Bear Feet!

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This online photo made me laugh out loud!  I can’t wait to grab my BARE feet and head out to some green grass!  With snow flurries still in our Northwoods forecast, it will be a while yet.

Some of my favorite journeys are simple hikes… out to the woods, along a beach…. and if the weather allows for bare feet, it’s all the better.  (It’s healthy!)

 There is an awareness. Cool grass. Warm sand. Soaking into your soles, and up through your soul.  Connecting Earth to Heaven.

Growing up with my three sisters, our shoes waited in the back hall from the last day of school until the last day of summer.  (OK, Sunday mornings were the exception.)  But even trips to the store would find us with painted on sandals!  We were a creative bunch who loved bare feet.

Anytime we had to walk a distance somewhere, we would burst into our hiking song. Two of us singing the low part harmony, and the other two the main song.  We still do that.  With one sister singing her part, loudly, from heaven for the past 19 years. We hike. We sing. We connect earth to heaven.

                    The Hiking Song

A hiking we go on a long winding trail, so keep on moving along.

(harmony)  We hike a long,  long,  long,   so keep moving along.

We’ll soon reach the end of a long winding trail, so keep on moving along.

We hike a long,    long,    long,               so keep moving along.

Look up, not down; wear a smile not a frown; raise your voice in a happy song!

A hiking we go on a long winding trail, so keep on moooving alooooong.

We hike a long,     long,   long,           so keep mooooving alooooong.


Journey on. Raise your voice. Tear down the walls around your soul,

                                                                      and walk barefoot on life.    

Deuteronomy 11:21-22

like the days of the heavens above the earth.
carefully keep all these commandments which I command you to do—to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, and to hold fast to Him—           

8 thoughts on “Bear Feet!

  1. Nina, loved your hiking song on the trail to the ice caves. Kay and I will have to learn it for next time! We should be able to start hiking in to some of the waterfalls soon, even before the grass turns green. You gotta wear shoes, though!

    • Yes…. waterfalls soon!
      I’ve been shopping for a COMFORTABLE pair of hiking boots…. which is a hard find for me. I probably should live in a warmer climate!

  2. Nina, you have to teach us your song!! I am soprano so you know what to prepare for me. I am sure that the five will find ourselves on Broadway singing your song!!
    God bless and keep your hand in the hand of Jesus!! Chris

  3. And I believe I can hear your Mom & Dad laughing uproariously from the Heavenly realm where they are now whole & well!!!!! Cuz’ Ruth

  4. Loved this posting. I’m hoping we can get together this summer and hike it a bit. I also loved running barefoot in my youth, still love it along the beach. And that getting back to nature stuff … I even preferred riding horseback bareback.
    ‘love & hugs from afar’

  5. My dear cousin … I remember so well the summer trips to your house riding bikes, swimming in the pool, … you taught us to paint sandals on our feet. I did the same to my daughter.

    Thanks for bringing back some good memories

    Cali Cuz

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