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Remember the Batman series of the ’60’s?  With the comic explosions of BLAM, POW, etc?  I was never a fan of the series, mostly because its debut was in the same time slot as my beloved Lost in Space series.  My older sister called dibs on the channel. I would have to agree with the Robot and say: “It does not compute”!   But the fighting ‘sounds’ are on my mind today, as my cells do battle!  GO Rituxan, you Caped Crusader!  Attack those villains!

A quick update on my first treatment yesterday.   All went well for the most part, after a speed bump.  It is a 4 hour infusion, plus an hour of pre-meds.  Each half hour they bump up the amount of the drug, and watch for any negative reactions.  On the second bump-up my heart started racing and pounding, so they had to shut things down for a while until I was back to a normal pulse. Then it continued on and I held steady.  The next bump brought a few heart flutters, I felt some racing begin, but then it settled down— with many felt prayers!  THANK YOU.  I came home very tired with a whopper headache. But rested and am feeling quite fine.  So….same time same place next week. Do it again. And drink gallons of water.

On my arrival in my room…there was waiting this beautiful spring bouquet (which the nurses said was a first to have flowers brought in for treatments!)… and a loan of an iPod with wonderful worship songs on it.  THANKS Patti and gang!! So sweet and appreciated! Along with another awesome gift of words, I was all set for my long day.  THANKS Alana!



4 thoughts on “ka-POW!

  1. Excellent! You’re making progress now!! Beautiful flowers.to remind us Spring is coming. God is good. Prayers this week to keep those caped crusaders on target!

  2. What a wonderful spirit you have, Nina!! That is a true blessing in itself. The first scary treatment mystery part is over and you have triumphed!! Keep your eyes on Jesus and take His hand to good health. God bless

  3. Hey Nina sorry i’m late replying. What a nice friend Patti is the flowers are beautiful. Hang in there thank goodness for new medicines, but i’d rather be Lost in space. Wasn’t that the best show i actually have DVDS.
    Love you just 4 more to go.

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