Exhale…for now

Whew. What a stressful day, waiting to hear what is next.  Turned out to be what we had hoped for.

I can begin treatment next Wednesday with a drug called Rituxan, and then WAIT to see if Chemo will be needed later.  So I pray that I respond well to this medicine (which has risks of its own , but not quite as toxic as chemo would be).

The first infusion is 5 hours long….so a good book, and nice music will be packed in my Hobo bag. (AND snacks!)

We feel relieved. I feel undeserving, but so thankful.  Thank you all for prayers and your kind thoughts. It is so appreciated!!




8 thoughts on “Exhale…for now

  1. That is good news!…don’t know your taste in music, but I think I have the perfect music for your 5 hours…. I assume you have an ipod that you download to? if not how do you listen to your music? can you send me your email address offline to mamagrizzly55@gmail.com.

  2. Great news and good luck Cheryl and I are praying every day for you. We are also here for you are sister.

  3. Yeah Nina been following this is great news, i hope not to many side effects I just feel this is going to be alright easy for me to say hey! I was just writing you a card i need number for Panis Rd. My prayers are with you I’ll be with you on Wednesday. Oh yeah can i please have a copy of this fabulous verse and sunrise. Please please oh please. Love your cuz Rochelle Baby shower in 10 days a lot of work left to do. On the baby cloths line I am hanging the 5 piece aqua outfit you made 37 years ago, I told you i was a hoarder. Bless you

  4. Oh, thank you, Lord! You will continue to be in our (Brianna’s too) prayers concerning side effects! Bri’s in bed so I’ll pass the good news to her in the morning 🙂 Her concerns were very high for you when I told her …. God’s continued blessings to you, Nina!

  5. Hi Aunt Nina, what good news. Its nice to read all the comments on your blog. You have great army behind you. We’ll keep praying for your healing!

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