While we wait for Thursday’s appointment…(the test results and hopefully a clear plan of action)… I am pulling over to the side of the road for a while.

I am using this time to learn about nutrition.  I know that the outcome is in God’s hands, but I also believe that He gives us the responsibility to do what we can. Choices!  Feeding our bodies, treating them right, is so important in everyday life. It becomes even more crucial when dealing with illness. I am hoping  a good nutrition plan will augment the treatments.

I’m really not a junk food junkie to begin with, but now I’m going to watch things even closer, and add a few new twists.

Did you know that sugar feeds cancer cells??  Simply knowing that makes it quite easy to pass up that donut!  I do love my fruits and veggies….that will be an easy thing to bulk up on.  I bought a new juicer to add that element into the daily diet. (I am so impressed with this juicer! Much nicer than others I have used.)  Kale is a power food…. this week i roasted kale ‘chips’, and sautéed it with taters. Yummy.  Can’t wait for the asparagus to pop up. Garlic will also be a daily ‘treat’.  I  quarter a clove, and swallow it like a vitamin. (No vampires around here!) Green tea and raw nuts… increased.

I am open to ideas from others who have researched the cancer/nutrition connection.  God has provided us with a wide variety of good things to eat!  Recipes welcome!

(I just read a good reminder in an “Eating Well” magazine: “If it wasn’t FOOD 100 years ago, it isn’t food today!” )



3 thoughts on “Wayside

  1. Less white stuff, sugar, white flour, processed foods, etc. and more whole grains. Be sure to check out Pinterest for some healthy recipes, while you’re at that “rest stop!” Thank you for sharing your journey with us. May God Bless You and return You to health.

  2. This is so true. Can you post the Kale recipe? That interests me. Going to get your juicer too. Omega. Mary says its the best ever. XO daily prayers for you.

    • Hi Robin!
      Here are some Kale ‘recipes’….(simple stuff!)
      First….i’ve learned to wash all produce in a vinegar rinse (10/1, water & vinegar). Swish…and rinse off. It kills bacteria and gets rid of some toxins.
      Kale & taters: boil up some taters (i did whole red ones, then sliced them). Saute shredded kale and onions in olive oil for 5 minutes…then toss with the taters.
      Kale chips: rip kale into bite size pieces. Toss with olive oil (drizzle), sprinkle lightly with sea salt (I overdid the salt first time). Roast at 300 for 10 minutes…..flip….continue for 8-10 minutes. enjoy!
      And YES…..Omega is quiet…and easier to assemble and clean up than others!

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