Be Still…..

Yesterday’s ‘special’ was a PET scan up in Marquette.  A two hour trip…with snow storms all around us, but NOT on top of us!  So thankful for clear roads, AND my best driver!

On the way up, a radio pastor told a story about a little boy’s perception of his elevator ride. “I went into this little room, and the top floor came down!!”   The pastor related that to prayer…we enter our little quiet spaces…and heaven comes down. LOVE that!

The technicians gave me the radioactive tracer injection (I feel radiant!)….and told me to STAY STILL. Don’t move, don’t fidget…for 45 minutes, while the med circulates.  A tranquilizer is offered, but I opted out since I felt calm enough and hate feeling ‘loopy’. Besides…I was counting on lunch after this!  (No carb day prior, and no food on the test day.)

They leave you in a quiet dark room… and I spent that time praying for all of  YOU!  So many needs are out there, and I offer up my humble prayers for family and friends.  My elevator ride, bringing heaven down into my space.

Then another half hour into the scanner, where once again I was instructed to NOT MOVE. (This is when your nose itches.)  I’ve always loved the idea of space travel, and said to the technician, ‘Beam me up’!   It felt like a spaceship. So the photo I am using today… simply an awesome summer sky.

Now we wait for the results.  Be still….again…And trust.

Actually, I am so surprised at how calm this ‘high-anxiety homebody girl’ is handling all of these out-of-comfort-zone experiences. So once again… I THANK you for your prayers!




Yesterday was a day of lab tests that started out feeling vulnerable, a bit blue. In the waiting room, I scoured the table of magazines… ‘Golf’, nope…‘People’, nah…but one I had never seen before caught my eye. (I think it was called ‘Good Life’?  Now I need to go back and check!)  It was a Christian magazine, and some pages simply had a photo of a scripture on canvas.  This one embraced my heart. Isaiah 43:19. I had to read it through a few times. I jotted down the reference. Wow!

Suddenly, the day felt stronger. This wilderness not so scary. New things ahead.

My blood work came back perfect. We wait for the results of the bone marrow biopsy (note: do NOT put that one on your bucket list!)  And one more test on Wednesday will determine the course of action.  It’s good. It’s doable. Because God has already made the way.

THANK you Lord…..for that simple magazine you had waiting for me! For Your wonderful words!




Reluctant Traveler

So, here I am, THE most reluctant traveler (ask my family), pointed down an unknown trail.  The path is well worn, many are on it, I am not unique here.  BUT it is new to us. Some have said that journaling can help.  Not sure if I should make this public, but I will write a few ‘postcards’ along the way to friends and family that I am so thankful for.

What I am hoping to find along the way…is how I can change the highway from ‘C’…to SEE.  What will God show me?  Teach me?  I will be looking for the scenic overlooks, rest stops, and historical markers. (Or as we call them, ‘hysterical markers’!)

For now, I am feeling <sorta> brave. It’s a bit surreal. I’m trusting that the destination for our family will be good. I do have moments of fear that I wrestle with. The unknown always creates anxiety for me.  But God’s Word is FULL of His promises….and so many times He says ‘do not fear’.  So I will draw near….and trust.

road sureal